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DRE-MAX Construction Inc. is an Alberta framing company specializing in multi-family and condo/apartments framing construction for customers located throughout the province of Alberta.

Alberta Framing Contractor

DRE-MAX Construction Inc. is a well reputed Alberta framing contractor, who has demonstrated their capability, efficiency, dedication and reliability through working with the following Edmonton and Fort McMurray companies: Medican, Paulmac Development, Qualico, Challenge Group, ROHIT Group, Stuart Olson, Alpine Developments, Park Place Management, Casman Building Ltd., Foot Print Developments, Christenson Developments, Can-Der Construction Ltd., Cormode & Dickson

Professional Framing Staff

The DRE-MAX crew consists of a close and well skilled group of 30 plus staff. The majority of the framing crew has been together since 1998.  All staff share the same goal to finish each project in a safe and timely manner. DRE-MAX is an educated company who coordinates all aspects of framing construction with other trades to meet or exceed deadlines in a positive and professional atmosphere.

DRE-MAX's Objective

To further build their reputation and experience as a company with customers on their framing projects. DRE-MAX will strive to meet all deadlines with minimal or no deficiencies. This will be accomplished by coordinating information and appropriate scheduling of time, prior, during and after to complete a quality finished product.

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