Alberta Framing Services

Since 1998, DRE-MAX Construction Inc. has been working throughout Alberta as a framing contractor. DRE-MAX is an Alberta based framing company, specializing in multi-family, condo/apartments building construction. 

Professional Framing Crew

  • DRE-MAX staff are professional and experienced and strive to complete quality finished projects by meeting all deadlines with minimal or no deficiencies.
  • The DRE-MAX crew’s goal is to finish each project in a safe and timely manner.
  • DRE-MAX staff coordinate all aspects of construction with other trades to meet or exceed deadlines in a positive and professional atmosphere.

Staff Qualifications

Our framing crew are qualified and well trained in the following:

  • First Aid/ CPR
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Fork lift / Man-lift Certified
DRE-MAX Project Photo 9
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